Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Moose Cafe

Okay, let's get this out of the way first. There is no moose on the menu at the Moose Cafe. There are mooses decorating the place as unobtrusively as a moose can be. There is also semi-pro art decorating the place - the less said about that aspect the better. But these aren't the reasons to end up going to the Moose Cafe - the best breakfast in town is the one for me.

We were visiting the Ballard Farmer's Market one Sunday and thought that beginning the day with a visit to the Moose Cafe was going to be grand. We got there at a slow time, but as usual the place picked up by the time we left. We brought a copy of Deborah Madison's "Local Flavors" cookbook to figure out what we might want to make with the stuff we would get from the market. This of course would prove difficult as we didn't know what was going to be at the market. The owner saw the book and said that she knew people who worked at Madison's restaurant (I'm unclear though, so don't quote me). In any case, she got her copy of another twenty year old book that Madison wrote and we looked through that. I got some ideas of what to do with our tremendous lovage bounty we have.

We've been to the Moose Cafe twice and each time they had Mexican breakfast specialties that were wonderful - chilaquile's one time and another one I can't remember the name since it was in Spanish but involved tortilla's, beans, eggs and chile's with some dashes of homemade hot sauce. I know that moose is not exactly Mexican, but in this case it really works. My wife was disappointed that biscuits and gravy were no longer on the menu (her sole discriminator on the worth of a breakfast restaurant), but her French Toast was very good as well.

4 Cellphones
3 Hard Hats
2 Ironic Wool Caps
1 Blue Wig