Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Madame K's Pizza Bistro

One of the benefits of locally owned businesses is they can be aware of their location's history. Your local Denny's couldn't care less that it happens to be in oyster harvesting country or the local McDonald's if it happens to be in organic beef territory. Also, beyond food concerns the locale's particular history can provide the restaurant with something unique to offer their customers. In Madame K's case, you can eat pizza in the same building that used to house a brothel. Now of course, most of the buildings in Old Ballard possibly could claim the same status. Madame K's has a small front room and a large back room leading to an outdoor area. In between the two indoor rooms is their kitchen. Flitting back and forth are the ladies of the place - dressed in turn of the century floozie costumes and sometimes attempting to be "in character". God that's gotta get old. It reminds me of the "Office Space" movie where the Jennifer Aniston character has to have certain amount of "flair" on her uniform. In any case, it appears the waitresses do not have to be overboard about it because ours certainly wasn't. At least the theme would help to keep away any fundamentalists.

We ordered the house specialty pizza - a white sauced pizza with artichoke hearts and lotsa garlic. We also added sausage and pepperoncini to make it more delightful. This was a pizza that even had my pizza-challenged wife eager to try again.

It probably should go without saying that once again, the Ballard restaurant secret police notified the gang where we were eating - the place filled up and there was a waiting line when we left. It would be a good idea to try to eat in the back as there is no space for the people to wait so you could have somebody's butt in your face as you're eating your pizza. Mind you, I know that this was a brothel and butts in faces might be considered part of the scheme, but that is one thing I think I'll pass on...

The clientele was overwhelmingly hip and yuppie:

4 Ironic wool caps
3 Cellphones
1 Hard Hat
0 Blue Wigs


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