Friday, June 10, 2005


Seattle was having a heat wave in late May, in the 80's. We did not want a heavy meal but wanted something refreshing, and probably a bottle of cool white wine as well. We finally decided to go to Dandelion, a small recently opened restaurant by the old Ballard Library. We had seen the empty storefront get refurbished and we were delighted to see that a nice restaurant was going up.

It took us a few months to get there - even my wife's father and his wife had been there before us, though I don't think they have Bud Light... In any case, it was this project that got us there. We walked down in the breezeless heat, making sure that we didn't walk too fast. We got there and there were just two tables occupied - we thought this was strange on a Friday night. However, like every time on this project, we found that everybody was waiting to see where we would be going and came afterwards - all the tables were full in 45 minutes.

The menu was delightfully small (to help narrow our choices and not tax our brains was nice) and varied. Fish, lamb, beef, and a couple of vegetarian dishes. Local and organic foods are the emphasis, which we very much appreciate. The kitchen is open to the rest of the place and adds a nice touch of a bistro feel.

We started with a bowl of chowder and a sublime appetizer of which all I can remember is something salty wrapped around something soft and creamy. Our wine was from France and was nicely chilled during the meal. My wife had seared scallops on greens and I had a great halibut and saffron rice. Perfect portions so that we could also have a great cheese plate afterwards. A wonderful atmosphere and a wonderful meal.

The clientele is restricted to yuppies and hipsters. In fact there was one gentleman two tables down who was of a certain age subsceptible to crises. During the meal, he got up, walked across 24th street and went to his red Porsche. Don't know why, maybe he needed everybody to see that it was his Porsche - "Look at me!". However, we were both very heartened to see that the trophy wife stage of the crisis had not been attained. Though, he could have been talking to his mistress from the Porsche for all I know...

The other weird thing that happened was that the table of ladies next to us had the exact same things we did, except one of them only ate the scallops and not the greens and hence missed a lot of the meal. C'est la vie...

4 Cellphones
1 Ironic Wool Cap
0 Hard Hats
0 Blue Wigs


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